G.M.S.P.: Good Music by Slow People/Sipping Slow (Chilling) is my new single,Shudy @ThatBoloman. Produced by Bonobo,mixed and mastered by @Bankyondbeatz. This song is about Shudy’s lifestyle,how he usually hangs out with his crew and he’s unrelenting love for a drug called TONI aka CODEINE. It is a track that blends electronic,psychedelic,alternative,experimental,and world genres of music. Fused the rhythm and vibe of western music with African melodies. You won’t be disappointed with this tune and it is a game changer has it is hard to find quality good and innovative music like this anymore. This song is going to change the way Nigerian and African music and culture are viewed in the world,a groundbreaking song for Africa and the world. With a very beautiful voice,perfect timing delivery and deep lyrics by Shudy. As he switches pitches from tenor to soprano to falsetto and so on. Enjoy and be blown away.

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